As a company committed to international trade, H. Erhard Wagner GmbH has streamlined its delivery conditions to be generally in line with the CISG (United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods) if not stipulated differently in mutually agreed contracts. A list of member countries to the CISG can be found here.

Buyer's deviating terms of purchase are not part of a supply contract if we have not confirmed them in writing.

CISG shall be valid for our business with the following amendment:

Article 13 (amended)
For the purposes of this Convention "writing" does NOT include telegram or telex, whereas telefax is a valid form of “writing”.
Email, as an immanently unreliable medium should be avoided for the purpose of sending contracts in writing. If email must be used because no other forms of writing are available, documents must not be sent as plain text but only as layouted attachments (e.g. as .pdf, .jpg or .tif).
Only after having received a written confirmation of receipt of the other party can the document be regarded as transmitted to that party.

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